Torn and deformed earlobes are a common condition. The earlobe may be deformed as a result of infection, wearing heavy jewellery and increasingly commonly, using earlobe expanders. Other less common conditions include scars such as keloids, infections and injuries to the earlobe.


The repair of the earlobe is performed under local anaesthetic and occasionally a general anaesthetic. A small amount of the anaesthetic is injected in to the earlobe area and the repair is performed as required. Tiny dissolvable stitches are inserted to close the cuts and a small dressing is applied which may be removed after five days at which stage the operated area would have healed to some degree.

Generally speaking if the earlobe is torn or the size of the actual hole in the earlobe is large, it is best to perform a complete repair and let the earlobe settle and heal for few weeks to months.  Following this, the earlobe may be re-pierced to accommodate earrings as required.

Other situations of earlobe repair or modification include following face lift surgery and rejuvenation surgery. Pendulous earlobe is generally a mark of aging and by reducing the size of the earlobe one can achieve a more rejuvenated look.

Finally earlobe repair is also performed as a part of otoplasty (pinnaplasty) surgery where a prominent protruding earlobe may have to be set back to a more aesthetically pleasing position.


Complications are infrequent but include bleeding, infection, unfavourable skin tethering, nerve damage, altered sensation, lumpiness, change in skin colour, and minor cosmetic irregularities. All these will be discussed in detail during the consultation.


Please ask all questions you may have, and ascertain that your questions and concerns have been addressed to your satisfaction before you proceed to surgery.  Understand that this may be a lifestyle surgery and not an essential procedure.

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