Why consider lip reduction/lift procedure

This procedure is suitable where the upper lip is long and often lacks volume and covers the teeth giving an un-aesthetic often sad look. In such cases even filler injection does yield a pleasing outcome. Lip lift procedure shortens the vertical height of the lip and increases the red lip (area of the lip where lipstick is applied) show.

How is the procedure carried out?

The procedure may be carried out under a local or general anaesthetic. After making the desired width of lip that needs to be removed, cuts are made under the nasal sill in a “bullhorn” fashion.  Following this required amount of the upper lip skin and occasionally part of the muscle is taken away. This is followed by closing the area with fine stitches. Often a small amount of botulinum toxin is injected to paralyse the surrounding area of the lip in order for the healing to take place without a pulling effect of the muscle. This effect fades away in about six weeks. Dressing is applied to the operated site and removed in about four-five days.

Generally the results are excellent with a better show of the red lip with an aesthetic look.

What are the risks of the procedure

The complications of the procedure include bleeding, infection, poorly healed scars and cosmetic dissatisfaction. Revision surgery may occasionally be required to remove more tissue.


Procedure time1 Hour
General/Local anaestheticLocal or General with or without sedation
No. of nights in hospitalDay Case
Time off work1 - 2 Weeks
Restrict activity3 Weeks
Back to full normal activity3 Weeks
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