Why would I need neck lift surgery?

They say you are only as old as you feel. But even if you feel 25 inside, there are some physical signs that will give away your true age, no matter how hard you try to cover them up.

A common complaint among those growing older is the infamous ‘turkey neck’.

While many parts of the body sag over time, the neck can be hard to cover up with conventional methods such as makeup and clothing and it can leave older women and men feeling less attractive. As you age, the skin on your neck can become wrinkly and saggy and the dreaded double chin could become a possibility.

What can I do to prevent ageing skin?

While most people have a skincare regime for their face, the neck seems to be an often-overlooked part of the body when it comes to ritually cleaning and moisturising.

Paying attention to your neck and making sure it gets the same care as your face will allow the skin to rejuvenate.

Also, adjusting your sitting and sleeping positions can be beneficial in the prevention of deep set wrinkles which will appear over time.

For instance, those who work with computers will often find their heads slumped forward slightly, an action that can create and accentuate wrinkles in the neck; if you’re in the office be sure to keep your head raised where possible.

What is involved in neck lift surgery?

The medical name for the neck lift procedure is a platysmaplasty – after the muscle in the neck called the platysma.

A neck lift will work by correcting banding and folds to make the skin smoother and tighter, and reducing wrinkles and lines.

The procedure can be performed as a stand-alone surgery, but is more commonly performed as part of other facelift procedures to complete the youthful new look.

Is platysmaplasty right for me?

If you have a double chin or saggy skin after extreme weight loss, a neck lift procedure could be for you.

It can help improve the appearance of the skin on the neck by removing excess skin and tightening it to reduce wrinkles and lines and create definition around the jaw line.

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