‘Tech Neck’ – the truth about the new fad term

Society is awash with colloquial terms for various aesthetic conditions which may or may not benefit from the treatment of surgery – the latest fad term making its way around the cosmetic world is ‘tech neck’.

Here we take a look at what the term means and whether there is any truth to the rumours that our tech could be prematurely ageing us.

What is a ‘tech neck’?

This recently coined term has been created to give credence to the idea that looking down at our phones, tablets and laptops creates a wrinkled neck far beyond our natural years.

With a society based very much online and in the world of submersive technological gadgets, it seems telling that the ‘tech neck’ idea has gained notoriety at all.

The fad term was said by a plastic surgeon interviewed for Elle magazine, perhaps suggesting that it may be a by-product of a ‘selfie’ society in which our images are captured and shared with immediacy, but is there any medical backup to the rumours?

Is there any truth to it?

Although it is unlikely that looking down at our various devices leads to premature ageing, it can perhaps be said that people are noticing their perceived flaws due to the photo-central aspects of social networking.

Additionally, 2013 saw a 6% increase in neck lift surgeries on the previous year, something indicative of a changing opinion on cosmetic procedures.

Neck lift surgery (or platysmaplasty) can tighten the sagging skin around the neck, returning it to a more youthful appearance – the removal of excess fat can also improve the definition of the jawline.

How can neck lift surgery help?

For many people, the sagging of the neck and a visible double chin can make a person seem far older than they actually are.

For some, neck lift surgery is a favourable treatment and can be extremely effective. It can be performed as a standalone procedure or as part of a full face lift, and can help create a happier you, both aesthetically and emotionally.

At London Facial Surgeons, we can guide you closely through the process of platysmaplasty and our expert surgeons at our London clinic are happy to give you advice if you’re unsure of whether surgery is the way to go.

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