Sun damage and how to treat it

We all look forward to summer and to get away on holiday.

As good as the sun feels on our skin though, what’s going on behind the scenes can leave us with sun damage.

Read on for some common questions and answers.

How do we get sun damage?

Skin damage caused by UV rays, called solar lentigo, occurs when the density of melanocyte cells is increased, resulting in a surge of a chemical called melanin.

The extra amount of this chemical changes the skin’s natural pigment, leaving discolouration in affected areas. Although these dark spots can appear anywhere on the body, they are most prevalent on the forearms, shoulders and face.

Solar lentigo is more likely to occur after the age of 30, and those with fairer skin are particularly at risk, however lengthy sun exposure can still be dangerous at any age.

How can I treat sun damage?

There are many types of treatment available depending on the nature of the skin ailment but the most popular and effective treatment for sun damage is laser resurfacing.

What is involved in the procedure and does it hurt?

Laser resurfacing works by using thermal energy to shed the unhealthy layers of skin, thereby aiding the regrowth of new, healthy skin cells.

Although the treatment is safe and non-invasive, the sensation will depend on the patient’s pain threshold.

Most patients liken it to a day out in the sun, which leaves the skin feeling warm.

What is the recovery time and process?

Recovery time is fairly quick, depending on the extent of the treatment.

There may be minor swelling or redness of the skin but this will fade within a short time. However, with more extensive treatment on larger skin areas, recovery can take a few weeks.

Your consultant will be able to explain how long it will take to recover from your particular treatment.

Can I go in the sun after having treatment?

It is recommended by most physicians to be extremely cautious in the weeks following treatment regarding sun exposure.

It is advised that patients use sun cream, where possible, as the newly-formed skin can be sensitive to light and changing temperatures.

Laser Surgery London

If you suffer from solar lentigos or any other skin conditions, such as liver or age spots, our team of surgeons can offer a variety of treatments that are proven to be highly effective at reducing the appearance of dark patches and rejuvenating skin to a more aesthetically youthful state.

Our team of highly trained professionals can guide you through the whole process from pre-treatment advice to specialist aftercare.

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